Robert Lopez Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you do custom orders?                             ~  I try not to. I don't read minds and most customers can rarely describe or draw exactly what they have in mind, so the                                                                               finished piece never turns out quite right.
  • Will you do repairs?                                          ~  I do not repair other artist's work. I do not know how a piece was assembled and could possibly do more damage to                                                                                 the piece.
  • Can you cut custom stones?                            ~  I can cut my stones to order or one of your own. Keep in mind, stones sometimes break in the process.
  • Where do you source your stones?                 ~  I have acquired my stones from many locations, but now get most of them in Quartzsite or Tucson, Arizona. 
  • Where do you source your materials?             ~  I purchase most of my metals, tools and supplies from Rio Grande.
  • Do you teach beginners?                                 ~  I  teach beginners in small class sessions. I mainly teach intermediate students and am willing to teach advanced.
  • Do you teach private lessons?                         ~  I teach private lessons in my studio for an additional cost.
  • Do you make tutorial videos?                           ~  I am working on getting the video and audio equipment to make videos.
  • Do you teach stone cutting?                             ~  I will be offering lapidary workshops in the future, held at the Yucaipa Valley Rock, Gem and Mineral Society.
  • Can you find me certain stones?                      ~  If requested, I would be willing to locate certain stones for customers. I have many connections to source stones.
  • Do you mine your own stones?                        ~  I currently do not collect my own stones, but plan to start collecting in the near future.
  • Do you have a mental disorder?                      ~  I might; however, there has not been any clinical diagnosis performed. I probably couldn't make what I do if I didn't! 
  • How did you get to be so handsome?             ~  Many years of abusing my body by eating Double Doubles and cheesecake. Also, being delusional helps!
  • Why are you so funny?                                      ~  It comes naturally. Humor helps to distract from my numerous shortcomings.