~My raw and organic designs are fabricated with skill yet are free to grow without constraints or preconceived notions. My pieces are completely one-of-a-kind and made with my own hands. Sometimes rolling sheet silver from ingots I pour myself to cutting, sawing, filing, hammering, and grinding all of my metals and stones. That is something rare these days and I take great pride in saying that.

~Most of my pieces are designed with lots of texture, and layering; giving  them a very distinctive and distressed look. This is done for two reasons: one being the bold and distinctive look that it gives, and two it's much easier to take care of. The textures and layering will hide any minor scratches or damage done to the metals throughout the years.

~Some of the materials I like to use are Argentium Sterling Silver (highly tarnish resistant silver), titanium, copper, gold, brass, bronze, various precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, wood, feathers, and other interesting materials that will complement my unique jewelry.      


My Story

~ I was born and raised in Southern California and reside in Yucaipa with my wife and two sons. I am a self-taught metalsmith. My  hand crafted one-of-a-kind jewelry is all handmade in my studio in Uptown Yucaipa, California. I try to design my pieces to stand out from everything else out there, as should you. This is something that I think today's mass-produced market is lacking. I feel that jewelry fabrication is my  true calling and I strive to make every piece I design to be completely different from everything I or anyone else has ever created. I feel I was drawn to fabricating jewelry due to its difficult and physical nature. When you have to use tools like diamond wheels, hammers, anvils, torches with intense heat, these tools sometimes require brute strength to wield them; forcing the metals and stones to transform into what I envision them to become. Once they have been transformed, the material's ability to stand the test of time is noteworthy. Knowing that if you were to bury a piece of jewelry made of metal and stone you could dig it up centuries later and that object would remain with little to no damage is a gratifying thought.

~Dabbling and experimenting with many types of art as a young man, yet never feeling fulfilled, I stumbled upon wire wrapping stones. I wrapped stones for a couple of years while learning to cut my own stones at Yucaipa Valley Rock, Gem, and Mineral Society. As my wrappings started to increase in their degree of difficulty and design I felt I was not being challenged enough. The obvious next step for me was to learn to metalsmith. I began slowly teaching myself to smith; accumulating my collection of tools and knowledge of the art anywhere I could. Not able to afford any formal training, I read books, magazines and watched videos online. I learned the basics of metalsmithing, but feel the greatest aspect of my learning came from within, as I endlessly experimented with the materials at hand.  

~My journey as an artist has now taken me down a road in which I feel I must share my skills and knowledge. I have taught for several years in my studios; teaching workshops consisting of 2-4 students in a session. In 2017 I was given several opportunities to teach on a larger scale; workshops consisting of 15 students in each session. I now travel the country as an "artist in residence" with promoters, design shows and studios abroad. As my art and skills become increasingly recognized, I hope to travel internationally; sharing my knowledge, meeting amazing people, and immersing myself in everything this spinning blue rock has to offer!